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Core Values

We are committed to:
  • Dignity: Each person has an intrinsic value and inalienable right to life. From the moment of conception to natural death, each person has inherent dignity and a right to life consistent with that dignity. Equality of all persons comes from this inherent dignity. So no discrimination in social, economical, religious terms is permitted. This dignity is the base of the ethics in health care.

  • Integrity: Whenever there is an occasion of a human relationship, there is an opportunity for integrity or lack thereof. In its most basic sense, integrity means to live out one’s life in private in the same way one lives (or talks about) one’s life in public. In an organization,integrity is lived when all the members of the organization lives according to the values of the organization, fulfilling its mission and fixing their eyes on its vision.

  • Communication: It is through communication we express what we are. Each moment of our communication is an occasion for us to represent our identity before our stakeholders. We are custodians of rich tradition and authentic human values and our words and deeds knowingly or unknowingly communicate what we represent.

  • Compassion: The Hebrew word for compassion is derived from the word womb, implying the need to feel for others because they are born of the same mother. God is that mother and we are all children of that womb and must accordingly feel with, and care for, each other as brothers and sisters. Compassion asserts that there is nothing more urgent than pain of another person because that other person is profoundly, intimately, deeply connected to us through our common incarnation.

  • Stewardship: Health resources are limited. So these resources must be developed prudently,maintained and shared in the best interest of the community as a whole and balanced with resources needed for other essential human services.

  • Excellence: The value of excellence flows from the fact that our gifts come from God and are to be used in God’s service. Excellence in this sense covers all human endeavours, including research, process management, that is at the service of God and humankind. It allows no selfishness, mediocrity or laziness in the use of talents.

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